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4th Class



The 4th Class program comprises two courses, one for each, standardized, examination. Our courses are on-line, tutorial assisted, study courses hosted on a Unique Learning System on the PanGlobal platform.

The courses, consistent with the national SOPEEC exam standard, cover:



Applied Mathematics; Mechanics & Dynamics; Thermodynamics; Mechanical


Drawing; Administration; Codes & Regulations; Hazardous Materials, Plant


Safety & Fire Protection; Environment, Materials & Welding, Piping & Valves, High Pressure Boiler Design, Parts & Fittings & Operation; Electricity


Prime Movers & Engines; Pumps & Compressors; Lubrication: Controls, Instrumentation & Computers; Heating Boilers, Systems & Controls; Auxiliary


Building Systems; Vapour Compression Systems; Absorption Refrigeration;


Air Conditioning Systems; Boiler Maintenance; Types of Plants; Boiler Feed


Water Treatment


We offer 2 options, designed to suit different pockets, for taking our 4th class courses.

Both options include:

  • On-line access to our Unique Learning System (including multimedia) for 5 months/course including hundreds of typical, exam type, multiple choice questions
  • Access to our tutor for 5 months/course.
  • A mock exam to test your readiness to write the exam

 Option 1:

BRAND NEW, PanGlobal 4th Class (Version 3.0) textbooks, purchased directly through us or from PanGlobal.  NOTE:  Each set of books contain a specific set of sign-on credentials.  If these credentials have been used previously, the books are considered used and this option is not available. You will need to sign up for Option 2.

Cost: $535 plus HST for each course, 4A & 4B.


Option 2:

No books required

Cost: $685 plus HST for each course, 4A & 4B.


Start Dates

Both courses are offered on the first Monday of every month. Registration closes on the preceding Friday.  Courses may be started up to 2 weeks late but a late registration fee of $25 is payable.

Course 4A is comprised of 13 units of on-line instruction while course 4B has 12.  A new unit is opened each week of the course.

No advance payment required

As we want our clients to satisfy themselves that our course meets their needs, advance payment is not required.

At the start of the course, you will be sent an invoice and payment is due on receipt. If you cancel participation before the 3rd unit is made available, no payment is required.


If you want textbook(s), we can, for your convenience, obtain them for you.

  • Option 1 participants need to have their own copy of the 4th Class textbooks (Edition 3.0) published by PanGlobal and have not signed onto the PanGlobal learning site.
  • Option 2 participants do not need any textbooks as the course includes access to an online version of the textbooks.

All participants may wish to purchase a paper copy of the Academic Supplement.  While a paper copy of the Academic supplement is provided to you when taking the exam in in Ontario, this is not the case in every province.  Check with your provincial jurisdiction…you may need to have your own copy.

For your convenience, we can order any or all the textbooks for you.




4th Class Textbook 4A (Version 3.0)


4th Class Textbook 4B (Version 3.0)


2018 Academic Supplement:

  • If purchased with a 4th Class book
  • If purchased alone




 *plus GST


Shipping of $20 per order is extra.

Payment for textbooks is required before shipment 

If you wish us to order ant books, note it on your registration form or send an email to


New clients need to fill out one of the attached registration forms, save it and send it back to us.

Existing clients: Those who have previously taken a course with us do not need to send us a new registration form unless any of their contact details have changed. Just send us an email stating which course you wish to take and whether you wish us to order any of the required textbooks.